The Copper Country Rock and Mineral Club is an active organization of rock and mineral enthusiasts.
Through field trips, programs, and activities, the Club gives people of all ages, an opportunity to learn about and enjoy the magnificent world of Rocks and Minerals.
Located in the historic Lake Superior Copper District of upper Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula,  the Club is in a unique locality to take advantage of some of the finest collecting sites in the region ~ an area rich in mining and mineralogical history.

Is the Copper Country Rock and Mineral Club for me, and my family?

Please Consider These Member Benefits:

  • Collecting minerals of this historic region.
  • Learning to identify, prepare, display, and store minerals.
  • The outdoors and photography.
  • Mining and local history of the Copper Country.
  • Micro-mounting mineral specimens.
  • Traveling throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula.
  • Meeting people with similar interests.
  • Learning about the mineral world beyond our local area.
  • Educational, interesting, and fun programs!


If you are willing to participate in the CCRMC’s commitment to stimulate scientific and educational interest in Geology, Archeology, and related earth sciences; and in lapidary craftsmanship.

How  Do  I  Join?

No experience or knowledge of rocks and minerals is needed.