ANNUAL DUES, regardless of when they are paid during the year, are effective January 1 through December 31. Individual $10.00, Family (3 or more) $25.00 [ Dues paid for a partial year are the same as the annual rates below.]

NEW or LAPSED members pay an annual rate of $15 per person and have a 30-day activation period prior to attending a field trip or a dinner.

RENEWING Members – refers to existing members who’s dues are received prior to February 1 st of each membership year. After February, membership is considered lapsed and the member must pay the “new or lapsed member” dues. Once paid the renewing member assumes their previous status.

ACTIVE MEMBER (Dues paid before February 1 st .) Based on previous year’s activity member has attended six (3) or more meetings, works on the annual show, or serves on CCRMC Board of Directors: Can attend any/all excavated club field trips at the current price set by the Board.

SUPPORTING MEMBER Member is not able to attend meetings but has worked on the previous year’s annual show. Can attend one excavated club field trip per year at the current price set by the Board.

NON-ACTIVE MEMBER did not work on previous annual show; does not serve on CCRMC Board of Directors. Can attend one (1) excavated club field trip per year at the current price set by the Board.

The Club’s website is:

All meeting notices, dinners, special reference links are posted to the club’s internet site. Field trips are not posted to the internet. An email is sent to current members during the week prior to the trip, following verification that the club still has access to the location (i.e., logging, rock-hauling, sale of property, etc. has not changed permit-conditions with the property owner.)

Release of field trip information to any non-member shall result in the immediate expulsion of the club member(s) who releases the information. Our agreement with the land-owners states that permission to collect shall be limited to CCRMC members under the direction of the Field Trip Director regarding excavation, safety, and access to the site.

“The Grunt” is a series of field trips that is strictly for workers at the CCRMC Annual Gem & Mineral Show; “Grunt” dates and locations determined by the Show Chairperson.

A child must be at least eleven (11) years of age, accompanied at all times by a parent who has complete responsibility for the child’s actions at meetings, dinners, or field trips. Both parent and child must comply with all safety instructions issued by the Field Trip Director.

Address to send questions regarding membership issues: